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About myGasFeed

What is myGasFeed?

myGasFeed is a easy & free web application to provide you the latest gas prices in your area. It helps you map out the cheapest gas prices helping you save gas money. (Last Update: November, 2012) We currently have over 120 000 gas stations in our database for USA only and gas prices being updated regularly. We are aiming for Canada in the future.

I have a cool idea can I use your data?

Of course! We have an api section and innovate better apps for your community. All the data is completely 100% free. Of course please do not scrap our database but having your app contribute data to our system would also help us but more for the community to save gas money.

What is myGasFeed Built on? is build on PHP and MySQL databases. We are using a PHP framework called CakePHP to handle the architecture of our backend which all runs on linux servers.

For frontend we integrated Twitter Bootstrap for CSS3 & HTML5 and JQuery. We are heading more towards one page app architecture in the future which will be using backbone.js .

For our maps we are currently using Google maps api and for geo encoding we actually using three services which are: Yahoo, Map Quest and Google.

For any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.