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Api Errors

When an error occurs you will receive a response from the server in a JSON format. Here is an example below:

JSON Error Response:

	 "Status": {
	     "error": "YES",
	     "code": 401,
	     "description": "Unauthorized",
	     "message": "Invalid API key" 

Different Error Types

400 (Bad Request) Any case where a parameter is invalid, or a required parameter is missing.
403 (Forbidden) The requested information cannot be viewed by the acting user, for example, because they are not friends with the user whose data they are trying to read.
404 (Not Found) Endpoint does not exist.
405 (Method Not Allowed) Attempting to use POST with a GET-only endpoint, or vice-versa.
500 (Internal Server Error) Servers are unhappy. The request is probably valid but needs to be retried later.